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  • Xinxiang Vic Science&Education Co.,Ltd.

  •  [Henan,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company
  • Main Markets: Africa , Americas , Asia , Caribbean , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , Other Markets , West Europe , Worldwide
  • Exporter:51% - 60%
  • Certs:ISO9001, CE
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Xinxiang Vic Science&Education Co.,Ltd.

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About Us

Founded in 2014 Xinxiang Vic Science Education Co Ltd is located in Xinxiang city near to the Yellow River and Zhengzhou Airport We are a leading professional educational equipment manufacturer and supplier who integrates research production and sales all together We have almost 50 workers 10 people are at R D and quality control team Our factory has got its ISO9001 certificates at 2018 and CE certificate at 2019 and we have rich experience at product design and OEM and professional process for export business active and sincere service Convenient and fast reaction after sale service We specialize in manufacturing microscope prepared slides biological specimens teaching models rock...

Categories and Products

Microscope Prepared Slide

Biology Slide

Student Lab Educational 25 Pcs Biological Prepared Slides Glass Microscope Biological Slides Set 15 Pieces Biology Prepared Slides 15pcs Mixed Prepared Slides Set 15 PCS Biology Slide Packed In Plastic Box 25 PCS Prepared Biological Slides 25 Pcs Glass Biology Prepared Slides Student Laboratory Tools Microscope Slide Set School Students Biological Prepared Slide Biology Slides 50 Pieces Slides Set For Students Microscope Biology Educational Slides Specimens Microscope Prepared Slides Biology Of Microscope Slides Set 100 PCS Medical School Education Biology Slide School Laboratory Equipment Biology Slide Lab Educational Slides For College Student Laboratory Microscope Slides For School Student Microscope Slide Set For General Secondary Education Laboratory Glass Biological Slides For Education School Biology Microscope Slides 12 PCS Set 

Histology Slide

Microscope Glass Slides 50pcs Human Histology Slides Set Histology Prepared Microscope Slides Various Slides for Biological Histology Microscope Medical School Microscope Histology Slide Teaching Biological Human Histology Slides Human Histology Microscope Prepared Teaching Slides Animal Histology Microscope Slide For School Laboratory Histology Slides For Student Histology Slides For The Basics Human Tissue Slides For biology students Microscope Slides Of 25 Biological Tissues Medical Student Use Biological Tissue Slide 

Medical Parasitology Slide

School Hospital Use Specimen Parasitology Set 5 Pcs Medical Parasitology Slides Set Of 10 Pcs 25 Pcs Parasitology Slide for Hospital Or School Medical School Lab Microscope Parasitology Slide Microscope Parasitology Slide 50Pcs Hospital And Medical School Use Parasitology Slides 

Pathology Slide

200pcs Medical Science Human Pathology Slides 50Pcs Microscope Pathology Slides Set Educational Prepared Slides Human Pathology Standared Medical Pathology Microscope Slides Hospital Medical Disease Educational Slides 

Zoology And Botany Slide

Zoology Slide Set 15 Pieces For Student Beans Anther Meiosis Microscope Slides Botany Prepared Slide Onion Anther Meiosis Corn Anther Meiosis Of Plant Slides Botany Slides Lab Equipment Rice Anther Meiosis Mitosis Slides Set 5PCS Onion Root Tip Paramecium Microscope Slides Of Zoology Set 30 Pcs Animal Slide Kit 50 Animal Slide Kit Plant Microscope Slides For College Slides Set Botanical Basic Set Of 20 50 Pcs Mixed Animal And Plant Slide Kit Set Of 13 Slides Microorganisms Microbiology Microscope Prepared Slides 100pcs Microbiology Slides For College Protozoa And Algae Set Fungi Microscope Prepared Slides For School 25pcs Microbiology Prepared Slides Prepared Slide Human Bacteria 30kinds 

Plastic Slide

Children Vegetable Green Plastic Microscope Slides Microscope Plastic Insect Slides For Children Plant Plastic Slide For Children Or Student Animal Plastic Microscope Child Slides Plastic Prepared Slides For Little Children 

Mineral And Rock Thin Slide

100Kinds Mineral And Rock Thin Slides Thin Section Petrography Rock Thin Section Slides Mineral And Rock Thin Slide Geological Microscope Slides Rock Microscope Slides 100PCS Rock Microscope Slides For Student 

Microscope Slide Storage Box

Plastic Slide Box

White Plastic Microscope Slides Storage Boxes​ Microscope Slides Plastic Storage Boxes 5PCS White Lab Slides Box Microscope Slide Plastic Storage Box Laboratory 10 PCS Plastic Slide Storage Box Prepared Microscope Slide Storage Box 25 PCS Slide Storage Box For Lab Microscope Slides Storage Box Of Lab Product Plastic Storage Box For Microscope Slides Slide Storage Boxes 100 PCS Microscope Slide Storage Box 120 PCS Black Microscope Slide Storage Box Red Microscope Slide Storage Box Yellow Microscope Slide Storage Box Blue Microscope Slide Storage Box Green Microscope Slide Storage Box 

Wooden Slide Box

100 PCS Wooden Microscope Slide Box Slides Wooden Storage Boxes 10 PCS Wood Microscope Slides Box Customizable Wooden Microscope Slide Box 15 PCS Wooden Microscope Slides Storage Boxes Wooden Box Protects Microscope Slides Customizable Microscope Slide Protection Box Microscope Slides Wooden Customizable Box 30 PCS Microscope Prepared Slides Box Laboratory Microscope Slide Wooden Boxes 120 PCS Wooden Box For Microscope Slides 

Human Anatomy Model

Medical Science Model

Hospital Display Medical Enlarged Skin Model Medium Scale Skin Magnification Model Skin Section Model 70 Times Median Section Of The Head Model Plastinated Human Anatomical Head Models 

Human Organ Model

Human Anatomic Model Giant Ear Model Middle Ear Human organ Model Desktop Ear Teaching Model New Style Giant Ear Model Human Nasal Cavity Model Giant Human Eye Model Model Of The Human Anatomy Eye 

Dental Model

Teaching Demonstration Of Brushing Teeth Model Typodont Dental Model Human Anatomy Standard Model Hard Gum Standard Child Model Soft Gum Standard K Study Model without screws SE Model With Metal Plate BF Type Study Model Dental Model Hard gum SF Type Study Model Type Study Dental Model Standard Model soft gum Soft Gum Standard Model Dental Model Soft Gum Removable Standard Model hard gum Dental Removable Standard Model Removable Polyester Model (soft gum) Standard Model soft gum Removable Standard Model soft gum Orthodontic Dental Model Ortho Dental Metal Bracket 

Skeletal System Model

180CM Tall Life Size Human Skeleton Model 180CM Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments 180CM Tall 85CM Skeleton Teaching Model Human Life-Size Skull Model Life-Size Vertebral Column With Pelvis Life-Size Knee Joint Model 80CM Human Muscles Model Male Adult Female Pelvis Model 8585cm Skeleton With Spinal Nerves Life-Size Skull With Painted Muscles Model 85CM Skeleton with Nerves and Blood Vessels Skeleton with Painted Muscles Mini Human Skeleton Model Life-Size Skull with Colored Bones Deluxe Life-Size Skull Model Skull Model with 8 Parts Brain Vertebral Column with Pelvis and Painted Muscles Didactic Vertebral Column with Pelvis Miniature Plastic Skull Model Life-Size Vertebral Column Model 

Respiratory System Model

1 Part Medical Science Teaching Lung Model Magnified Human Larynx Model Magnified Pulmonary Alveoli Model Model of the Transparent Lung Segment Medical Education Model Larynx Heart And Lung Model 

Digestive System Model

Environment Friendly PVC Anatomy Liver Model Digestive system Stomach Model Human Digestive System Model Human Anatomy Liver Model Medica Science Model Digestive System Education Model For Medical Student 

Circulatory System Model

Teaching Demonstration Of Jumbo Heart Models Circulatory Life-Size Heart Model New Style Life-Size Heart Model New Style Jumbo Heart Model Hospital Human Middle Heart Anatomy Model 

Nervous System Model

Environment PVC Life Size Brain Model New Style Brain Model New Style Brain Model 9 Parts Brain Anatomy Model with Arteries Human Head with Brain Model Brain With Arteries On Head 

Genitourinary System Model

Male Urogenital System Anatomy Model Human Male Pelvis Section (1 part) Human Female Pevis Section The Development Process For Fetus Model Human Kidney Anatomical Model Kidney Anatomy Medical Teaching Model 2 Parts Human Kidney With Adrenal Gland Model Medical Science Enlarged Kidney Model 1 Part Expansion Model of Urinary Bladder Female Urogenital System Medical Model Human Female Pelvis Section 1 Part Human Male Pevis Section 2 part Human Female Pevis Section Model 2 part Advanced Male internal&External Genital Organs Model Advanced Female internal&External Genital Organs Model Male Genital Organ Model Urinary System Anatomy Model Female Pelvis Model Genitourinary System Model Medical Science Anatomy Model Urinary System Model Half-Size The Development Process for Fetus Model Human Anatomy Natural Uterus Model 

Human Torso Model

85CM Male Torso Model 19 Parts 42CM Male Torso 13 Parts 42CM Female Torso 15 Parts 26CM Torso 15 Parts 85CM Unisex Torso 23 Parts 85CM Tri-sex Torso 21 Parts 45CM Unisex Torso 23 Parts 85CM Sexless Torso 20 Parts 42CM Sexless Torso 18 Parts 85CM Unisex Torso 40 Parts 55CM Unisex Torso 20 Parts 

Human Acupuncture Model

50CM PVC Male Acupuncture Model 178CM Deluxe Acupuncture Model 84CM Deluxe Human Acupuncture Model 178CM Human Acupuncture Model Acupuncture Muscle Model 55CM Acupuncture Muscle Model 60CM Male Acupuncture Model 48CM Female 

Medical Nursing Model

CPR Training Model

Half Body Basic CPR Training Model Electronic Half-body CPR Training Manikin (Male/Female) Whole Body Basic CPR Manikin Style 200 Whole Body Basic CPR Manikin Style Whole Body Basic CPR Manikin Style Training Model Whole Body Basic CPR Manikin Style 500 Whole Body Basic CPR Manikin Style 100 Basic Life Support BLS Manikin Infant CPR Training Model Child CPR Training Manikin Advanced infant CPR and Nursing Manikin 

Child Birth And Fetus Model

Medical Midwifery Training Simulator Model Dystocia Training Simulator Model Advanced Maternity Fetus Model Vulva Suturing Training Simulator Perineum Cutting and Suturing Training Simulator Advanced Artificial Abortion Simulated Uterus Labor Delivery Module Model Newborn Model (Baby Model) New Style Newborn Model (Baby Model) Advanced Newborn Care Model (Boy/Girl) Advanced Neonate Umbilical Cord Nursing Model Child Bone Marrow Puncture Femoral Venous Puncture Model Year Old Child Nursing Training Doll Infant Obstruction Model Nursing Model Child Choke Nursing Model Model of Newborn Intubation Infant Intubation Training Model Model of Course of Delivery Model of Course of Delivery Model Tracheostomy Care Infant Model 

Medical Nursing Training Model

Female Multifunctional Patient Care Manikin Model Multifunctional Patient Care Manikin High Quality Nurse Training Doll High Quality Nurse Training Doll (Female) New Style High Quality Nurse Training Doll Style High Quality Nurse Training Doll Nurse Training Doll with Blood Pressure Advanced Multifunctional Nursing Training Doll Blood Pressure Training Arm Advanced Trauma Simulator Training Model Advanced Trauma Accessories Model Trachea Intubation Training Model Advanced Human Trachea Intubation Model Tracheostomy Simulator Training Model Injectable Training Arm Model Advanced Female Urethral Catheterization Simulator Pneumothorax Artifical Hydrothorax Simulator Advanced Adult Tracheotomy Care Model Suction Training Model Nursing Training Model Nurse Basic Practice Teaching Model 

Biology Model

Animal Model

Dog Acupuncture Model For Veterinarian Hourse Medical Acupuncture Model Animal Anatomy Cattle Acupuncture Model Animal Medical Model Pig Acupuncture Model Cat Acupuncture Medical Science Model 

Plant Model

Plant Monocot Stem Structure Model Dicot Stem Structure Plant Model Leaf Structure Anatomy Model Biology Teaching Model Cell Meiosis Model Biology Plant Model Peach Blossom model 

Biology Specimen

Natural Rocks Specimen

Natural Rock Specimen Mineral Cinnabar Mineral And Rocks Specimen Malachite Rocks And Minerals Chessylite Natural Mineral Samples Amethyst Samples Of Metamorphic Rocks Natural Samples Of Igneous Rocks 

Animal Specimen

Fish Anatomy Organic Resin Embedded Specimen Frog Anatomy Organic Resin Embedded Specimen Pigeon Anatomy Organic Resin Embedded Specimen Ascarid Anatomy Organic Resin Embedded Specimen Actiniae Anatomy Organic Resin Embedded Specimen 

Plant Specimen

Plant Specimen Inflorescence Type Preserves Color Plant Specimen Corolla Type Preserves Color Three Precious Plants Specimen Life History Of Calabash Moss Specimen Plant Fern Life History Specimen 

Laboratory Equipment


Binocular Microscope Biological For Student Series Monocular Biological Microscope Student Laboratory Series Monocular Microscope Microscopes student Laboratory Equipment School Laboratory Biology Microscope Monocular Microscope For Basics Students Monocular Viewing Lens Microscope School Students Microscope Series Pink Monocular Students Microscope Series Green Monocular Students Microscope Series Yellow Monocular Students Microscope Series Black Monocular Students Microscope Series 

Histological Microtome

Laboratory Equipment Histological Microtome Lab Equipment Rotary Microtome Rotary Histology Microtome For Lab Teaching Equipment Histological Microtome Semi Automatic Freezing Microtome Freezing Histology Microtome For Lab Laboratory Histological Freezing Microtome Histological Rotary Microtome Equipment Dual Purpose Computer Rapid Freezing Paraffin Microtome Rapid Freezing Paraffin Microtome Dual-purpose Computer Laboratory Equipment Paraffin Embedding Machine Laboratory Tissue Baking Processor Laboratory Biological Tissue Dyeing Machine Laboratory Automatic Biological Tissue Dehydrator 

Heating Mantle

3000ml Laboratory Heating Mantle Heated Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Heating Baths Intelligent 100ml Temperature Adjustable Magnetic Stirring 240*150mm Intelligent Magnetic Heating Baths Lab Heating Mantle Industrial Small Magnetic Stirrer 

Vein Finder

Portable Medical Vein Finder Light Hand-Hold Infrared Vein Viewer Deluxe Infrared Vein For Hospital Professional Hand Hold Infrared Enhanced Portable Infrared Vein Viewer Handhold Light Vein Finder 

Counting Chamber

Blood Counting Chamber With Bright Line Depth Examination Medical Blood Counting Chamber Cell Hemacytometer Counting Chamber Reusable Sperm Counting Chamber For Semen Analysis Metal Sperm Counting Chamber 

Lab Consumable

Lab Consumables Flat Bottom Plastic Centrifuge Tube Plastic Freeze Tube Box Lab Consumable Laboratory Biology Microscope Glass Slides Nylon PTFE Disposable Syringe Filter Sterile Lab Supply Microscope Cover Glass 

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